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24/7 Internet technical support is available by calling 1-800-205-1110. Click on the toggles below for trouble shooting tips.

Landline Phone Troubleshooting Tips

No Dial Tone

  • If 1 phone does not have dial tone:
  • If it is a cordless phone having issues, and you have a corded landline phone in your house, check to see if the corded landline phone has dial tone.
  • If there is dial tone on the corded landline phone, try plugging a new or different phone into the jack of where the issue phone is located. If the new/different phone has dial tone, then your actual phone is not working and you most likely need a new phone.
  • If there is no dial tone on the corded landline phone, see Step 3.

If all phones have no dial tone:

  • Try unplugging 1 phone from the wall jack and call your home phone with a cell phone. Repeat this with each phone that you have in your house. If the call goes through after unplugging one of the phones, the issue is with that phone jack or line cord. Please call our office to notify us.
  • If unplugging phones one by one does not work, proceed to Step 3.
  • Locate the beige-colored CyberPower battery backup unit. This is most often in the basement near where the service comes into the house.
  • If the CyberPower unit has no red lights, is plugged into a working electrical outlet, and you have completed Step 2 above, call the office.

If the CyberPower Unit has a red light (and may be beeping):

  • Check to ensure the outlet that the unit is plugged into has power.
    • If it is a GFI outlet, check to see if the GFI is tripped and needs to be reset.
    • Check to ensure the breaker serving the outlet is not tripped.
    • Plug another device, such as a small fan, into the outlet to ensure the outlet is working.
  • If the outlet is working, locate the cords on the right side of the CyberPower unit; push up on the cords plugged into the unit to ensure they are plugged in tightly.

If the unit is still beeping or still has a red light, open the front panel of the CyberPower by pushing up on the tab at the center bottom of the unit. Remove the battery by unplugging the black and red leads from the battery. This may restore service.

IMPORTANT: Call the office to have a replacement battery installed soon. If service is not restored after the battery is removed from the unit, call the office.

Internet Troubleshooting Tips

Can’t Connect to the Internet

  • Check other devices (like a cell phone, laptop, or tablet) to see if you can connect to the internet.
  • If you can connect on another device, shut down and restart the device that is not working and try connecting again.
  • If you cannot connect on other devices, continue to the following information.

Check if there are lights on your router. DO NOT PRESS THE RESET BUTTON ON YOUR ROUTER AT ANY TIME.

  • If there is a red light on the router, unplug ONLY the power cord from the router, wait 15 seconds, then plug the power cord back in. If there is still a red light or no service after the router has completed restarting, call the office.
  • If there are no red lights on the router and all lights are lit as normal, unplug ONLY the power cord to your router as described above to reboot it, then continue to the following information.

Unplug the ethernet cord from the WAN port on your router and plug it directly into a laptop (not all laptops have an ethernet port; you may not be able to complete this step).

  • If you have a connection, your router may not be working.
  • If you do not have a connection, call the office.

Also see Step 3 under Landline Phone Troubleshooting Tips if you have a CyberPower battery backup unit installed. If your installation does not have a CyberPower unit and instead uses a Precision Power power supply, ensure the Precision Power unit where the service comes into the house is firmly plugged in and the outlet has power. Also try unplugging the Precision Power unit, wait 15 seconds, then plug the Precision Power back in. Wait a few minutes and check for service again.

Slow Internet

  • Check how many devices you have connected to the Internet.
  • Unplug or turn off devices currently not in use to free up bandwidth.
    • Note: Even if you are not currently using a device, but it is connected to the Internet, it will still draw bandwidth from your Internet speed.
  • Close Internet pages not in use on devices; open pages on devices draw bandwidth from your Internet speed.
  • Your bandwidth usage may exceed the speed that you subscribe to. Call our office for faster Internet speed options.

Change My WiFi Password/Forgot My WiFi Password

  • If you have a Smart-RG router purchased or rented through the telephone company, we can identify your password or reset your password for you. Please call the office.
  • If you do not have a Smart-RG router, a $75.00 service call charge applies to resolve forgotten passwords or to change passwords. If you would like to purchase or rent a Smart-RG router from the telephone company, the service call to install the Smart-RG is included in the price.
IPTV Television Troubleshooting Tips

If picture is poor, frozen, or the sound or channels are out:

On 1 TV:

  • Check that all connections are tight on the TV, on the set-top box, and the electrical outlets.
  • Ensure that your TV is on the correct input.
  • Unplug ONLY the power cord from the back of the set-top box for 15 seconds. Plug the power cord back in and allow the box to boot up.
  • If there is still no sound after boot up, check to ensure the volume on the TV is not muted or turned down.
  • Call the office if problems persist.

On all TVs:

  • If you have a Comtrend switch installed with your television service, unplug ONLY the power cord from the switch; wait 15 seconds; plug the switch back in and wait for the switch and set-top boxes to boot back up (not all installations require a switch. You may not have one).
  • If problems persist, please call the office.
Netins.net Email Support
Call 24/7 Tech Support at 800-205-1110 for help with these netins.net email issues:

  • Can’t Remember Password
  • You Think Your Email Has Been Hacked
  • Received a Spam Email
  • Received a Message that Your Inbox is Full
  • Can’t Send and/or Receive Emails
  • Need Help Setting Up Your Email on a New Device
  • Any problem or questions about your netins.net email account or service

24/7 Technical Support


24/7 Technical Support

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