La Motte Telephone Exchange
La Motte Telephone Company offers local dial tone and long distance services to La Motte, St. Donatus, Zwingle, and the surrounding areas. The local calling area includes Dubuque,
La Motte, St. Donatus, and Zwingle.

Telephone Service Monthly Cost
Residential or Business access, per line $22.50
Inside wire maintenance, per line $1.00
Government charges, per line Monthly Cost
Subscriber line charge, single-line $6.50
Subscriber line charge, multi-line $9.20
E911 charge, per line $1.00

Additional federal, state, and local option taxes apply.

Optional Calling Features

Feature Monthly Cost
Caller ID $3.00
Call Forwarding $1.00
Call Waiting $1.00
Call Waiting ID $1.00
Telemarketing Do Not Disturb $1.00

Additional calling features are available.  

Long Distance Service
Basic Plan
• No monthly fee
• 20 cents per minute in-state
• 13 cents per minute out-of-state

Buckets of Minutes
• 30 minutes: $4.00
• 100 minutes: $14.00
• 250 minutes: $35.00
• 500 minutes: $70.00
• Minutes are per month and do not roll over. Minutes over the allotted time are charged at the basic plan rate.

Installation charges
• One-time, $30.00 new customer application fee

Relay Iowa Lifeline Do not call